What is the HYPATIA?

The ELIXIR-GR Cloud Infrastructure (HYPATIA) is a Cloud infrastructure being developed to support a broad spectrum of bioinformatic services which will be provided to the members of the ELIXIR-GR community and to the broader community of life scientists in Greece and abroad, as well. HYPATIA consists of the following types of nodes:
  • Converged nodes: used for simple computational needs and to implement a Ceph-based storage.
  • Fat nodes: more powerful machines (more cores & memory) that are used for resource-intensive computations.
  • GPU nodes: machines including graphic accelerators, which can be used to speed-up several computation types.
  • I/O nodes: machines that can better serve computations involving many disk I/O operations.
  • Infrastructure nodes: machines dedicated to orchestrate converged and compute nodes.

How can I use the HYPATIA’s resources?

Based on the different uses that are supported by the HYPATIA, the users will be able to make requests for the following types of projects:
  • “24/7 services” projects: This type of project is suitable for hosting 24/7 services, following the Virtual Private Server (VPS) model. There are two sub-categories, based on two major types of 24/7 services: “Precomputed databases” (hosting important data services) and “Computational servers” (hosting light on-demand computations).
  • “On-demand computation” projects: This type of project is suitable for batches of computational tasks to be executed. There are two sub-categories: “Containerised computations” (computations based on containerised software) and “Non-containerised computations”.
  • Cold-storage projects: This type of project allocates a particular amount of cold storage (e.g., tape storage) used to backup a dataset (or a group of datasets).
Each accepted request provides access to an appropriate amount of HYPATIA resources. Each request is followed by a review process, unless the project requirements are below a predefined limit. In this case, the project is automatically accepted and all the requested resources are automatically allocated to the project.

How can I sign-in to the resource management system?

  • To sign-in to the resource management system an ELIXIR-AAI account is required (just click on the “Register” button here) and wait for an approval email).
  • When your your ELIXIR-AAI account is ready, you can just sign-in using your credentials (click “Login” here).
  • During the previous steps you have to give your consent that ELIXIR-AAI and HYPATIA’s resource management system will have access to basic account information required for the flawless operation of the system.
Learn more about the ELIXIR-AAI.